Rainbows and Unicorns

In the middle of the night, I think of unicorns and flying saucers.

When I contemplate tomorrow, there are rainbows and blooming flowers.

I drew them on my journal and pasted all the flashbacks with vintage stickers.

Wishfully thinking, praying that all of my hope will one day be truer.

As I looked outside the window, there is nothing but
silence and light just coming from a lamppost.

Then I asked myself what is tomorrow.
Why do I keep living, dreaming, and waiting
until there are unicorns and flying saucers,
until there is no more misery at the end of the rainbow.

Today, I asked myself why.

Probably, I’ll answer it tomorrow.

It first appeared here on my Instagram account. If we have not yet followed each other, let us meet there.


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