Recite me all the poems I wrote for you
whenever we walk to the park in the neighborhood.

Whisper me the titles of my poems dedicated to you
whenever we wait in line to pay for our grocery goods.

Sing me of the dates I placed my colons and commas wrong
whenever we stopover for coffee near our old school.

Remind me of love, of life, of mistakes that are alright
In the simplicity of everyday life, tell me to pause
and savor the minuscule events that will last a lifetime.

I hope all these good things that felt unreal

and almost ordinary

would be lingering like a poem

by Shakespeare or Dickinson.

Would we be a sad song,

or would we be a line we quote?

Or a bedtime story we told the kids before they’re old?

We would not, so I write, thinking it would last for centuries past.
So recite to me the love that I wrote to remind me that life is short.
But before that, can you proofread this poem?
You know I love you, but I need to work.


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